Fengtai Fencaodi Primary School, China

The Fencaodi School is a progressive and highly thought of school. It has 360 children and 51 teachers. It is part of the Fencaodi International School which has been described as 'a small United Nations' in respect of the children who attend. Many children come from the families of embassy staff. Most of the teaching is in Chinese and there is an emphasis on child centred education.
Ms Chen and the Deputy Headteacher of Fengtai Fencaodi Primary School, Beijing, accompanied by five of her staff, spent a whole day on 13th January in Beaver Road Primary School. The visitors observed lessons across all age groups and participated in follow up discussions on curriculum, school organisation, teaching and learning methods and assessment of children's progress.
The teachers were particularly interested in the collaborative learning taught at Beaver Road and expressed admiration for the wide participation of all children in music across the school. At the end of the day a formal partnership agreement was signed between the two schools signalling their intention to work together in the future, bringing both adults and children to a greater understanding of each other's culture and history.