Szkola Podstawowa, Wroclaw, Poland

Our school is in a quiet and green district of Wroclaw - no busy streets, tall buildings and lots of parks. The river Odra and its canals are near and somehow create the feeling we are an island. the river ensures a slightly romantic atmosphere but it is dangerous at the same time. In 1997, the city of Wroclaw, along with the southern half of Poland, suffered the worst flooding in a thousand years. The district of Biskupin, where our school is, was almost doomed. It seemed impossible to keep the water away, yet, the inhabitants united and fought ceaselessly for a few days and nights and managed to save their homes.

The district is not far from the academic centre of Wroclaw, therefore a lot of university workers live here and send their children to our school. There is no ethnic mix in our school whatsoever - only Polish. Sometimes we get someone who was born in another contry but to Polish parents, or who coms from a mixed family, but we are pretty homogeneous. Our school has around 450 pupils.

We are proud to have fencing and taekwondo classes in our school. Gradually, our students are being recognised in local, national and even international events. Not only do we have athletes though! In 2011, one of our students became a champion of Poland in chess. She competed in the category up to ten years of age.

The school shares the same building with a Culture Centre (mainly for youth). There is a small cinema which prides itself on showing independent and ambitious films. There are art exhibitions, music classes, dance classes, drama classes and so on.