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2017/18 - This is where you'll find the latest news from the Beaver Road PTA
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PTA Committee Members

Claire Salter - Chair
Lisa Salter - Treasurer
Nia Horan - Secretary

Our totals so far:

Spooky Party raised £2,421.38
Christmas Fair raised £3,087.15
Donation from Didsbury FM £101
Donation from last years Year 6 £100

Easter Colouring Competiton

Easter colouring competition has now closed.
All entries will receive a chocolate treat, but the best entry in each year will receive a special prize. Prizes will be issued before half term.

School Mini Bus

The new school mini bus has arrived and is already in use this week, transporting the children for competitions etc.
Thank you to everybody for raising the funds last year. Without your help, there wouldn't be a mini bus!
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