Start of the School Day 
Doors open at 8:50am and will close at 9:10am. 

During this time, Parents are invited into the classroom to help their child complete the 'Morning Challenge'. 

**For health and safety reasons, can we please ask that all pushchairs/prams are left by the main door and not taken into corridors/classrooms.** 

Reception children have their lunch break from 11:30am - 12:30pm. 

If your child has school dinners, please ensure that you have selected their lunch choice on Live Kitchen. 

End of the School Day
Children will be brought to the Reception door at 3:20pm.

Please inform your child's class teacher or the school ffice if there is any change in who is collecting your child at the end of the day. 


Reading Books 
Reading books will be collected in on a Monday and two new books will be sent home on a Tuesday each week. 

New reading books will only be sent home if books from the previous week have been returned. 

Please ensure reading books/yellow reading records are in your child's book bag each day. 

PE Kits
Children have their PE lesson with Mr Knowles on a Friday afternoon. They will come home in their PE Kits. 

Please ensure that PE kits are returned to school on a Monday.