Inter Sport

At Beaver Road Primary School we believe in giving children the opportunity to show their talent in and outside of school. Throughout the school year Mr Knowles enters as many sports competitions as possible, giving the children that opportunity to shine. The competitions are open for boys and girls across Yr 3, 4, 5 & 6.

Trials for all sports teams are during lunchtime which gives all children in the relevant year groups the opportunity to represent Beaver Road in a sporting competition. All children are made aware when/where the trials are going to be held a couple of days before. Mr Knowles will also place a poster on the outside display board and send a tweet out providing parents with this information.

With regards to the selection process, Mr Knowles will always prioritise children who are in the year above. For example, for the year 5/6 competitions, children in year 6 will have priority over the children in year 5. This is to ensure that children have had the opportunity to represent Beaver Road in a sporting competition before they leave.

For each competition we enter, I try to at least enter two teams to give more children opportunity to make the team.

Here is a list of some competitions that are coming up this year. More competitions will be posted when they are announced...


Venue/ Date



Cross Country Wythenshawe Park
13th & 20th Sept 2017

Phillips Park
Tuesday 7th November 2017

South Manchester

Citywide Finals

Girls = 1st Place
Boys = 2nd Place

Girls = 2nd Place (Silver Medals)
Boys = 3rd Place (Bronze Medals)

Yr 3/4 & 5/6 Girls Football League Newall Green Primary School
26h Sept,17th Oct, 21st Nov, 6th Mar 2017-2018
Citywide Football League  
Tag Rugby Manchester Health Academy
   28th Sept & 5th Oct 2017

Belle Vue
Thursday 19th October 2017

South Manchester

Citywide Finals

1st  Place

3rd Place (Bronze medals)

Year 4/5 Boys Football Manchester Tennis & Football centre
10th Oct, 12th Dec,20th Mar 2017-018

Citywide Football League  


Parrs Wood High School
10th Oct 2017
Citywide Finals 3rd Place (Bronze medals)
Year 3/4 Tennis Levenshulme High School
7th Nov 2017

Wright Robinson Sports College
30th April 2018

South Manchester

Citywide Finals

2nd Place


Sportshall Athletics

Levenshulme High School
30th Nov 2017

Sports City Athletics Track
15th January 2018

South Manchester

Citywide Finals

2nd place

9th place

Dodgeball St Paul's Catholic High School
17th Jan 2018

Newall Green High School
14th June 2018

South Manchester

Citywide Finals

2nd Place
Basketball Levenshulme High School
22nd & 29th Jan 2018
South Manchester
A Team - 3rd Place
B Team - 6th Place
Mancheste High School
6th & 27th Feb 2018
South Manchester  
Wythenshawe Forum
9th Feb 2018
South Manchester  
St Bede’s College
13th & 27th Mar 2018
South Manchester  
Go Riding
Parrs Wood High School
27th April 2018
South Manchester  
Parrs Wood High School
8th May 2018
South Manchester  
Manchester Health Academy
10th & 17th May 2018
South Manchester