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Beaver Road Primary School is a very popular and successful 5 form entry Primary School, situated in the heart of Didsbury, South Manchester. Our School was graded Outstanding in October 2011.

In November 2013, the School converted to Academy status – The Beaver Road Academy Trust. On the 5th of November 2018 the Academy Trust revised and reformed its governance and became the M20 Learning Trust.

On 29 October 2018 Beaver Road Primary School pupils in Years 4, 5 and 6 moved to a new 3 storey, purpose built building on Wilmslow Road, Didsbury – Beaver Road Juniors. The original buildings and school grounds on Beaver Road itself became Beaver Road First School (Nursery, Reception and Years 1, 2 and 3). From September 2018, Beaver Road Primary School will grow year on year as a 5 form entry school, reaching capacity by 2024.

David How is Headteacher of Beaver Road Primary School and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of M20 Learning Trust. Liz Hardy is Head of First School.

David and Liz are both National Leaders of Education and Beaver Road Primary School is a National Support School.


Rights Champions and Duty Bearers

Our trustee band of Rights Champions is an ever-growing group of children who really champion the convention on children’s rights and are very active in promoting global citizenship. They each have undergone special training to become ‘Roadies’ and are skilled in using the restorative practice approach to support their fellow classmates. They often take the lead in projects ideas and sub-contract roles to other pupils. As duty bearers, staff take a facilitative role and are on hand to guide. As part of our weekly celebration assembly, votes for ‘duty bearer of the week’ are gathered in and a bespoke certificate is awarded to the lucky winner.


Afro-twin project – Constantia Primary School

Beaver Road has a special link with Constantia Primary School in South Africa. As part of our Afro-twin connection, the children share letters and videos to deep friendships and understanding. We also campaign and fundraise and are pleased to share the common vision of the Global Goals which is what Constantia School has been founded upon.


Beaver Road Primary School was graded Outstanding following a full Ofsted inspection in September 2011. Government legislation exempts Outstanding schools from future Ofsted inspections unless there are concerns about falling standards, safeguarding or significant other issues affecting pupil welfare. Most recently the Chief HMI Amanda Spielman has requested a review of this exemption as there are a number of schools who have not been inspected for more than 10 years.

Academy Trust

Beaver Road converted to Academy status in November 2013 as the Beaver Road Academy Trust. This move, unanimously supported by the Governing Body, gave the School access to funding for rebuilding and refurbishment not open to Local Authority run schools. Such was the restriction on local government funding by the national government at the time, the School believed it had no option but to convert in order to achieve satisfactory working conditions for children and adults in our 1930s buildings. Our School abides by all pay and conditions of service agreements negotiated and accepted at national level by representatives of teachers and non-teaching staff.
In September 2018 the Trust will become the M20 Learning Trust with a reorganised and improved structure of Members, Trust Directors and Local Governors.


Beaver Road Primary School is the only non-faith primary school serving Didsbury. It has been consistently and heavily oversubscribed every year since 2005. All applications for children to join our School are handled through Manchester Admissions policy and Procedures. Our School is inclusive and has a well earned reputation for the all round quality of education it offers children who experience barriers to learning.
The numbers of young families and children living in Didsbury has significantly increased. Didsbury and neighbouring areas of Manchester reflect a thriving, multicultural and proud City growing in size and national influence year on year. The School after many years of seeking ways to expand to meet the demand for places, accepted Manchester’s request to grow to 5 classes (5fe, 5 forms of entry -150 pupils) per year group from its current 3fe of 90 pupils.
In September 2018 the School will be housed on 2 sites. The current Beaver Road Primary will become Beaver Road First School with children from Nursery through to Year 3. The Head of School is Liz Hardy, a National Leader of Education and Early Years expert. David How, who is also a National Leader of Education is CEO of M20 Learning Trust and Headteacher of Beaver Road Primary School. He will in addition, lead the Junior School which will open on 1 September 2018 in newly designed and purpose built premises on Wilmslow Road, the site of the former Manchester Metropolitan University Hall of Residence. Beaver Road Primary School will take in its first intake of 150 children in Reception 2018 and grow year on year to full capacity to 2025.

Initial Teacher Training

Beaver Road – a history of success

At Beaver Road Primary School, we are proud of our record over many years of providing high quality training and experience for those looking to join the teaching profession. The Headteacher and Head of First School (EYFS to Year 3) are both National Leaders of Education and the School is a National Support School.

Why choose the Altius Alliance?

From September 2019 we will be running a Primary SCITT (School Centred Initial Teacher Training) programme as part of the Altius Alliance, one of the very few providers to be graded outstanding by Ofsted.

The Altius Alliance is a group of highly respected and successful schools who have come together to provide an exceptional training course that meets the needs of each individual trainee. The course will thoroughly prepare all trainees for a great start to teaching.

As an Associate Teacher you will be placed in schools that share a commitment to professional development for teachers at all stages of their careers, from Newly Qualified Teachers (NQTs) to School Leaders. The course includes a number of training days with other Associate Teachers, led by Specialist Leaders of Education (SLEs) Focussing on key themes that underpin successful teaching and learning.

You will work and study alongside high quality practitioners, thereby ensuring you have every opportunity to learn from and with the best.

Will I get a teaching post at the end of the course?

We actively support our trainees in finding teaching posts in our partner schools, on successful completion of training. A significant number of former trainees are enjoying working in our schools and are already gaining promotion.

We are therefore looking for applicants who have the potential to be outstanding teachers.

Where do I go for more information?

Follow the link below:


School Council

Beaver Road Primary School has an active and influential School Council. Councillors are elected for one year of office by their peers from Y2 to Y6. Y6 councillors look after the interests of the very youngest children in the School. The School Council plays a significant role in the continuing development towards Gold Standard of both Rights Respecting School and Food for All. They meet regularly and their views and opinions are always passed on the School Leadership Team for consideration. The School Council decides on the charities we support and all aspects of publicity and fundraising for those charities and other community causes.


Parents and Carers are regularly updated on all School matters through the School website, emails, Twitter, WhatsApp and when and where more appropriate, conventional letters and ‘pupil post’. The School Office is easily accessible and well staffed by a knowledgeable and experienced administration team led by Shajia Begum. Ruth Smith is our School Parental Advice and Help Officer. All payments to School including trips and dinner money are made online. School Office staff will be happy to help and guide you. Headteacher David How and Head of School Liz Hardy, are invariably out and about in playgrounds before and after School to talk to.


Aside from the children and their families, a school is only as successful as the people who work there. We are a very large primary school and we employ over 70 staff.


There are many hundreds (thousands even) of former pupils, some from the 1940s and 50s who stay in contact with School and with each other through social networks. We keep interesting documents and memorabilia that have been passed on to us. We publish copies in our School eMuseum.


Beaver Road Primary School recruits high quality teaching and non-teaching staff at all levels. There is strong competition for jobs at the School, with all posts being advertised on the School website and through local, regional and national recruitment channels.
Many staff move on to leadership positions (including HMI), within our School and in other schools. The School values professional development and all staff have opportunities to be supported in their personal and professional growth.

Learning today for a better tomorrow

Opening 2018!

Beaver Road Primary School – Juniors


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