Catch Up Funding

Coronavirus (COVID-19): catch-up funding plan The government is providing schools with £650 million of universal catch-up premium funding for the 2020/2021 academic year. The aim of the funding is to help pupils catch up on education they have missed due to the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. It is advised that schools should use this funding for specific activities to support their pupils to make up for lost teaching over the previous months. While funding has been allocated on a per-pupil or per-place basis, we are encouraged to use the amount available to us as a single total from which to prioritise support for pupils according to their needs. We do not need to spend the funds in the financial year beginning 1 April 2020, and may carry some or all catch-up premium funds forward to future financial years if we wish. The Education Endowment Foundation’s ‘School Planning Guide 2020-21’, has helped to develop our plans for the premium. As a Mainstream school we will receive £80 per pupil from reception to Year 6 inclusive. This funding will be received in three instalments: the first in Autumn 2020, the second in early 2021 and the third in the 2021 Summer term. This plan shows that the funding is being used for its intended purposes, and our governing board will scrutinise our school’s plans for its use. The use of the funding will also be inspected by Ofsted when it resumes routine inspections. More information surrounding the catch-up premium can be found here. This plan outlines how we are going to invest the funding for the whole school, targeted support and wider areas, e.g. supporting parents – at the end there is a summary report to outline the overall goals of the spending. Each section of the plan outlines the relevant considerations for school, including actions to be taken, the aim of the intervention, how much the intervention will cost, who the lead member of staff will be and any additional comments. The actions identified are as a result of careful analysis by teachers and leaders of children’s needs and apparent gaps in learning when all children returned to school in September 2020. Therefore, our actions are specifically identified for children’s needs at our school at this time. They may be reviewed and adapted if children’s needs change. Essentially we aim for the impact of our spending to ensure that children ‘catch up’ in a meaningful and sustained way over time. Wherever possible, we have also adopted approaches that will be sustainable in the future to ensure children’s accelerated progress over time

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