Inter School Sport



We believe that the opportunities provided to pupils at Beaver Road are excellent. Competitively, children in all year groups will have the chance to compete in serveral different sports across the year, including, football, rugby, tennis, swimming, hockey, rounders, cricket, athletics, cross country, cycling, basketball, netball, handball, futsal, gymnastics, boccia and dodge ball. In order to give more children the opportunity to compete, Mr Knowles enters two teams for each competition. In one team, children who excel in a particular sport are selected, and in the second team, children who show a keen interest and/or wish to challenge themselves within a particular sport are selected. We use this particular selection process in order to make sure our procedures are inline with the schools’ inclusive ethos, and we are proud of our record, which sees an increasing number of children from the school’s identified groups representing the school at all levels.

Results so far this year:


Competition  Date  Venue  Result 
Cross County  15/09/22 Wythenshawe Park South Champions 
 Tag Rugby 17/10/21 Manchester Health Academy South Champions
Citywide Tag Rugby 21/10/21 Manchester Health Academy  Citywide Champions
Athletics  25/11/21 Levenshulme High School South 5th Place 
Dodgeball  11/01/22 Parrs Wood High School South Champions & 2nd Place 
Inspire Basketball 17/01/22 Levenshulme High School South Champions
Excel Basketball 27/01/22 Levenshulme High School South Champions
Hockey  01/02/22 Manchester High School for Girls South 5th Place 
Swimming  04/02/22 Wythenshaw Forum South Champions
Citywide Basketball  12/02/22 Belle Vue Sports Ground Citywide Champions 
Citywide Cross Country  08/12/22 Wythenshaw Park Citywide Champions 
Citywide Dodgeball  17/02/22 Co-op Academy TBC
Girls Football 01/03/22 Chorlton High School TBC
Inspire Netball  15/03/22 St Bedes College  TBC
Excel Netball  23/03/22 St Bedes College  TBC




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