our teachers & staff

David How – Headteacher  and Head of Junior School

Liz Hardy – Head of First School

Ruth Byrne – Deputy Head of First School

Tina Smith – Finance Director


Rachael Boland – Lead Teacher Nursery

Julie-Anne Shaughnessy – Head of Reception

Jo Burrows – Head of Year 1

Michael Davenport – Head of Year 2

Lucy Noden – Head of Year 3

Vicky Jackson – Head of Year 4 (maternity leave)

Rihula Mour – Acting Head of Year 4

Siobhan Holmes – Head of Year 5

Hilary Silva – Head of Year 6

Emma Easmon – SENDCO


Ruth Pearson – Parent Advice and Support Officer

Nicola Avery – Receptionist

Morgan Davies – Manager Pre and After School Clubs

Martin Harrington – School Chef

Mark Bradford – Facilities Manager

  • Hilary Silva (6S)
    Hilary Silva (6S) Year 6 Teacher - Leader Of PSHE
  • Katie O’Brien (5OB)
    Katie O’Brien (5OB) Year 5 Teacher
  • Cathy Blairs
    Cathy Blairs Specialist Dyslexia Teacher
  • Emma Easmon
    Emma Easmon School SENCO
  • Holly Richards
    Holly Richards Teacher Of Music
  • Ruth Byrne (6B)
    Ruth Byrne (6B) AHT Years 5/6 & Leader Of Writing
  • Nia Horan (RH)
    Nia Horan (RH) Reception Teacher
  • Liz Hardy
    Liz Hardy Head of School
  • Lucy Summersgill (3S)
    Lucy Summersgill (3S) Year 3 Teacher
  • Stephen Costello (6C)
    Stephen Costello (6C) Year 6 Teacher
  • Katie Marrett (3M)
    Katie Marrett (3M) Year 3 Teacher
  • Joanna Burrows (2GB)
    Joanna Burrows (2GB) AHT Years 1/2
  • Catherine Gill (2GB)
    Catherine Gill (2GB) Year 2 Teacher
  • Bronagh Duffy (2D)
    Bronagh Duffy (2D) Year 2 Teacher
  • Lucy Noden (2N)
    Lucy Noden (2N) Year 2 Teacher
  • Chloe Burke (1B)
    Chloe Burke (1B) Year 1 Teacher
  • Julie-Anne Shaughnessy (RS)
    Julie-Anne Shaughnessy (RS) AHT For EYFS
  • Elizabeth D’arcy (RD)
    Elizabeth D’arcy (RD) Reception Teacher
  • Rachel Boland
    Rachel Boland Lead Teacher For Nursery
  • Jennifer Lowe
    Jennifer Lowe Nursery Teacher
  • Daniel Berry (5B)
    Daniel Berry (5B) Year 5 Teacher
  • Tom Walsh (5W)
    Tom Walsh (5W) Year 5 Teacher
  • Lisa Reeve
    Lisa Reeve Teacher Of Art
  • David How
    David How Headteacher
  • Michael Davenport (4D)
    Michael Davenport (4D) Yr4 Lead Teacher & Whole School Data
  • Rihula Sameer (4S)
    Rihula Sameer (4S) Year 4 Teacher
  • Claire Mcvittie (4M)
    Claire Mcvittie (4M) Year 4 Teacher
  • Victoria Jackson (3J)
    Victoria Jackson (3J) AHT Years 3/4
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