Reception 2023 - 2024

Beaver Road First

Start Day:

All classes: 8.50am


12:10pm - 1:10pm

End Day: 3.10pm - RH and RS

                3:20pm - RO, RB and RSH


At Beaver Road our children experience a vibrant, nurturing, fun, challenging and engaging environment. Our curriculum is ambitious and well planned and we embody a pedagogy that nurtures and develops the whole individual child. We are fully committed to giving the children the best start and our practice is informed by the latest research and evidence. We understand intricately that children's early years lay the foundations for life, impacting on social, emotional, physical and cognitive development. Because of this children are encouraged to become active agents in their own learning, to explore and find things out. We plan learning opportunities that involve lots of talking, writing, collaboration, sharing and counting, along with specific and skilfully chosen questions to stretch and develop each child. We plan to appeal to the children’s interests and our holistic approach enables children to become articulate and confident. 

Through a play based and explorative approach that encourages curiosity and depth of thought, children develop a strong motivation to learn. Our approach ensures strong foundations are laid in literacy and mathematics, and ensures children develop a secure base of knowledge from which mastery is built. Research shows that children who are taught well in their first year of school go on to achieve better GCSE results in English and maths.

Alongside this, nurturing the individual child and helping children to become well-rounded, capable individuals is at the heart of our school. Teachers in early years have a statutory duty to carefully facilitate the ‘characteristics of effective learning’ and ensure they are embedded in and through the curriculum and classroom. These enable children to become independent and capable learners for life and support lifelong healthy mental and emotional wellbeing. These fundamental skills and attitudes help children become lifelong learners, focusing on not just what children need to learn but how they learn it. Our approach embeds and values the interconnectedness of the Prime and Specific areas, alongside the Characteristics of Effective Learning to give the children the most enriching experience we can.


“The early years are a crucial time for development and we know that quality of teaching has the single biggest impact on how well children do in school.” Sir Kevan Collins, Chief Executive of the Education Endowment Foundation

We are committed to quality teaching and we value and respect our parents at Beaver Road. Parents are the experts on their own children and they are the child's first and enduring educators. We work to keep parents well informed and involved in their child’s learning and development. Our curriculum does not stop at the classroom door. 

'The goal of early childhood education should be to activate the child's own natural desire to learn' Maria Montessori


This link will take you to the document 'What to expect in the Early Years Foundation Stage: a guide for parents'.

This is a really helpful guide to the revised EYFS for families and parents.



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