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Inter School Sports

We believe that the opportunities provided to pupils at Beaver Road are excellent. Competitively, children in all year groups will have the chance to compete in several different sports across the year, including, football, rugby, tennis, swimming, hockey, rounders, cricket, athletics, cross country, cycling, basketball, netball, handball, futsal, gymnastics, boccia and dodge ball. 

Beaver Road's selection process for inter school teams

Over the academic year, we enter numerous competitions across the year in approximately 15 different sports, mostly aimed at children in Year 6 with the occasional opportunity going to children in year 5. For each competition, we enter two teams, an inspire team and an excel team. The inspire team is made up of children who want to compete for school but the main focus is about learning and having fun. The excel teams are selected depending on who is excelling at that particular sport. These competitions are about of course having fun but competing against the top children in primary schools across Manchester and beyond. 

The teams are selected from 1 of 3 ways:

1) Some of our teams are selected via trials, which are open to anyone who would like to try out.

2) Some teams are selected from how children have performed at a particular sport in their PE lessons.

3) Some teams are selected from a list of children who have put their names forward. 

There will be times when some children go to more than one event, however, our main aim is to give everyone in year 6 that wants to play for a school team the opportunity to do so, whether that is for an excel or inspire team. The same children will not compete in every competition although, if they are excelling in a particular area of sport, they will be considered for selection regardless of whether they have competed for school or not. At Beaver Road, we believe passionately in enabling as many children as possible to take part in competitive sport.

Results 2022/2023:

Competition  Date  Venue  Result 
Cross Country  September 2022 Wythenshawe Park South Boys & Girls Champions 
Tag Rugby - Inspire   September 2022 Manchester Health Academy  South 2nd Place 
Tag Rugby - Excel  October 2022 William Hulme Grammar School South Champions 
Citywide Handball - Excel  October 2022 Parrs Wood High School Citywide Boys & Girls Champions 
Citywdie Cross County November 2022 Wythenshaw Park  Citywide Champions 
Athletics  November 2022 Levenshulme High School South Manchester 3rd place 
Dodgeball January 2023 Levenshulme High School South Manchester 2nd place 
Inspire Basketball January 2023  Whalley Range High School South Manchester Champions 
Excel Basketball  January 2023 Whalley Range High School South Manchester Champions 
Swimming  February 2023 Wythenshaw Forum  South Manchester Champions 
Hockey  February 2023  Cedar Mount Academy  South Manchester 4th Place 
Citywide Cross Country  February 2023 Wythenshaw Park  Citywide Champions 
Citywide Swimming  February 2023 Wythenshaw Forum  Citywide Champions
Girls Football September 2022 - March 2023  South Manchester South Manchester 4th Place 
Boys Football September 2022 - March 2023 South Manchester  South Manchester Champions
Boys Football March - June 2023 Citywide  Citywide Champions
Citywide Basketball  March 2023  Belle Vue Sports Village  Citywide 2nd Place 
Cricket  April 2023 Parrs Wood High School South Manchester 3rd Place 
Rounders May 2023 William Hulme Grammar School South Manchester 3rd Place 
Netball  May 2023 Co-op Academy  South Manchester Champions
Netball  June 2023 Wright Robinson Sports College  Citywide Champions 

Results 2021/2022:

Competition  Date  Venue  Result 
Cross County  15/09/22 Wythenshawe Park South Champions 
 Tag Rugby 17/10/21 Manchester Health Academy South Champions
Citywide Tag Rugby 21/10/21 Manchester Health Academy  Citywide Champions
Athletics  25/11/21 Levenshulme High School South 5th Place 
Dodgeball  11/01/22 Parrs Wood High School South Champions & 2nd Place 
Inspire Basketball 17/01/22 Levenshulme High School South Champions
Excel Basketball 27/01/22 Levenshulme High School South Champions
Hockey  01/02/22 Manchester High School for Girls South 5th Place 
Swimming  04/02/22 Wythenshaw Forum South Champions
Citywide Basketball  12/02/22 Belle Vue Sports Ground Citywide Champions 
Citywide Cross Country  08/12/22 Wythenshaw Park Citywide Champions 
Citywide Dodgeball  17/02/22 Co-op Academy Citywide Bronze Medals
Girls Football 01/03/22 Chorlton High School Citywide 4th Place 
Inspire Netball  15/03/22 St Bedes College  Citywide Silver Medals
Excel Netball  23/03/22 St Bedes College  Citywide Bronze Medals
Boys Football 17/06/22 East Manchester Academy  Citywide Champions



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