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Subject Leader: Lisa Reeve

Link Governor: Michael Davenport (Arts)


Alongside the Art that the children create in their own classrooms, Art at Beaver Road is taught by Mrs.Reeve, a specialist Art teacher, in a well-equipped Art room. Each child has one specialist session of Art per week and class teachers are supported by the Art specislist when needed.


Beaver Road Art Philosophy

  • Children are encouraged to be highly independent in their art making and great value is placed on unique and original ideas.
  • Fine motor skills are developed through minimal scaffolding.
  • Art plays a key role in the development of the child’s visual literacy.
  • Curriculum design provides all children with the opportunities to make rapid and sustained progress from their starting points, builds self-confidence and empowers self-expression.
  • Children are encouraged to appreciate their own and each other’s art and to see that everyone is an artist.


Beaver Road Art Curriculum

  • Art taught in Nursery and Reception classes follows the Early Years Framework for learning and development in Expressive Arts and Design. Children are given the opportunity to explore and play with a wide range of media and materials, as well as providing opportunities for sharing thoughts, ideas and feelings through a variety of activities in art.
  • Children in KS1 and KS2 are introduced to each of the key areas of Art and Design, ensuring coverage of the National Curriculum. They are introduced to a wide range of mediums, materials and techniques and learn the skills of painting, drawing, printing, textiles, digital art, and 3D construction throughout their time at Beaver Road.
  • Children learn about great artists, historical and contemporary, as they move through the school. They learn how to use artists as inspiration for their own artwork.
  • Trips and visiting art experts enhance the children’s learning experiences.
  • Children take great pleasure and pride in their artwork and their art is celebrated through displays throughout the school, local public places and in galleries and exhibitions, such as DIdsbury Arts Festival and the Parsonage Spring Open Exhibition. The children’s art is also celebrated through social media on Instagram
  • and Twitter.
  • Children in Year 6 have the opportunity to join a lunchtime drawing club where they can learn new drawing skills, for example advanced shading, blending and mark making techniques to enhance the quality of their drawings. Mrs.Reeve also runs an enrichment art club for children across the school.


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