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We have had a very exciting year working towards our Eco-Schools Green Flag award. In March 2021 we held our first Eco Committee meeting on zoom, and have had regular meetings since, at both school sites. Our Eco Student Representatives voted for the name "World Warriors" and have done a great job of leading our school community on our journey towards a sustainable lifestyle.

Our World Warriors regularly lead assemblies and campaigns, and have guided the rest of our Beaver Road students in carrying out an environmental review. Every class was given a topic to review. The committee studied the environmental review and then voted on three topics. We got a shout out on the Eco-Schools website!

The topics chosen for our Beaver Road Action Plan are biodiversity, energy and marine.

On Earth Day 2021 we raised £420 to spend on our sustainable garden, and on Ocean Day 2021 we raised £480, which we donated to We also made this a day for creating art works and objects out of recycled materials, in an effort to prevent some waste from entering our oceans, and to raise awareness of how our actions can affect marine life. We enjoyed sharing our creations with one another in a whole school zoom assembly.

Our sustainable garden is evolving nicely, and we have even harvested lettuce, potatoes, carrots, corn and tomatoes. We have built a bug hotel, and have many happy customers.

In November 2021 we took part in "switch off fortnight" and the World Warriors enjoyed informing the rest of the school how we could change our behaviour to save energy. They monitored the energy meters, and made stickers to remind people to switch things off. 

We also planted a yew hedge at our Junior School in November 2021, together with Barlow Medical Centre. This took place on two Saturday mornings, and brought many members of the community together, as well as providing some beautiful greenery that will eventually grow into a "green screen" to help clean the air and shield the site from traffic pollution. 

Some of us took part in Ecobrick training on zoom in January, and we are going to make some plant pots out of eco bricks. Information will shortly be sent out about this activity, and students are invited to join the event, along with parents and carers.

We have started to do litter picks at both schools, using litter pickers bought with money raised on Earth Day 2021. These have been well attended and enjoyable. 

In March we planted 20 wild cherry trees at our First School site, as part of the nationwide campaign to "plant a tree for the Queen's Jubilee".  All year groups were involved, and many classes chose to name their trees. The trees were kindly provided by We are planning to plant some more trees at the Junior site in October. 

On 26th April 2022 we celebrated Earth Day once more, and this time the emphasis was on sustainable, planet friendly lunches and on planting wild flower seeds to increase biodiversity on our school grounds. The World Warriors led an assembly, and talked about themes that are close to their hearts. Every class planted some seeds, and our amazing chef, Mr. Whitehead, provided a fabulous planet-friendly menu.

We are going to visit a real beach for Ocean Day this year (8th June). We will take our litter pickers along with us. We are determined to make our planet a cleaner and healthier place for all living beings!

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