Pupil Premium

Supporting pupils with potential barriers to learning

All pupils have barriers to learning such as motivation or “availability to learn”, social and cultural barriers, emotional factors, personal issues etc.  Most of these are overcome within a classroom setting through quality first teaching and conversations with parents for support at home.

It is our job as a School to offer Pupil Premium children further access to learning and opportunities to achieve and overcome these barriers, and this is done through academic and pastoral support that is personalised to every pupil.

How do we intend to spend the funding and the reasons behind this?

At Beaver Road, we use Pupil Premium funding to provide academic interventions, quality first teaching and enrichment opportunities for our most disadvantaged pupils. Please see our 'Pupil Premium Strategy Statement' for a breakdown of spending. 

How do we measure the impact of Pupil Premium?

Formal Pupil Progress meetings happen termly to ensure the best use of funding and the support provided to these pupils. However, these pupils are always carefully monitored by their Class Teacher, Head of Year and Assessment Coordinator throughout the year, to maximise progress.

"Pupil Premium Promise"

We ensure each child entitled to the premium receives their own provision map (ATL), tailored to their individual needs.
We provide high quality academic, emotional and social support, tailored to the individual needs of each child. This support is planned by our highly experienced staff and influenced by many research based interventions, to raise attainment and maximise progress.
We offer numerous enrichment activities for Pupil Premium pupils who are currently receiving Free School Meals. We believe these allow children the opportunities to participate fully in all the School has to offer. We offer all children who currently receive free school meals:

  • The opportunity to participate in one Multi-Sports after school session per week with Mr. Knowles throughout the school year
  • All school trips free to those children receiving Free School Meals
  • 50% funding off the cost of lessons for one musical instrument within an academic year
  • 50% funding off the total price for Residential Trips in Years 3, 4 & 5
  • 100% funding off the total price for the Year 6 Residential Trip to Ghyll Head

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