Subject Leader: Sam Cullen 

Subject Coordinators: Katie Marrett (Support at KS1), Carolyn Tomlinson (Support at EYFS) and Stephanie Reding (Support at JS - UKS2)

Link Governor: Rihula Sameer-Mour

Our Vision:

All children become resilient, fluent mathematicians with an ability to tackle problem solving.”

Here at Beaver Road Primary School, children are encouraged to enjoy Mathematics and become enthusiastic and curious Mathematicians by developing their skills, knowledge and understanding through practical experiences which have relevance and purpose in everyday situations. It is important that children develop the skills of Mathematics to become lifelong learners. They should be able to apply these skills in different situations across our creative curriculum and in daily living outside school.


Our key principles:

•           All children can learn to do Maths.

•           Fluency, Reasoning and problem solving are embedded within each of our units across all year groups.

•           Children are supported in their understanding through the use of the concrete, pictorial and abstract approach.

First class teaching is evident in:

•           The belief that all pupils can achieve.

•           Keeping the class working together so that all can access and master Mathematics.

•           Development of deep mathematical understanding.

•           Development of both factual/procedural and conceptual fluency.

•           Longer time on key topics, providing time to go deeper and embed learning.

•           Rapid support to intervene when misconceptions and gaps in understanding are identified.

•           Questioning targeted to reflect the year-group expectations.

•           Models and images to demonstrate understanding.

•           Talk for learning and rich tasks to support independent work.

•           Feedback and marking to support the learning of different ability groups in a class.

During lessons, children will be expected to:

Explain their methods

Use precise and correct vocabulary

Prove their answers

Recall key number facts

See the Maths in different contexts

We value parental involvement in consolidating the learning in this subject area for your child and it is important to us as a school that this year, we can also engage you- as parents and carers- to join us on the Mathematics learning journey. Please keep an eye on the 'events' sub- page throughout the year. You can also scroll down to the other sub- pages to find out more about this amazing subject here at Beaver Road Primary School.

Please forward any queries to our Maths lead: Sam Cullen (Year 3)

We are here to support you at any time.

Thinking is at the heart of Mathematics and therefore should be at the heart of mathematical teaching and learning.”



Developed for use during school closures, these videos are useful for Covid recovery and can support you to support your child:



We are so proud of our children for taking part in events to raise money for the NSPCC! Thank you parents and carers!

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