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Bug Club

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Bug Club is a finely-levelled reading scheme, which ensures that all children can find books at exactly the right level for them. What’s more, there are online versions for every printed title and a personalised website for each child.

If you have access to an Internet connection, your child can enjoy reading Bug Club books online as well as in print. Each child has a unique homepage and can log into it by following these steps:

  1. Go to Please note: We strongly recommend using Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox web browsers with Active Learn. If you prefer to use Internet Explorer, please check you have at least IE9 in order for everything to work as it should.
  2. Enter your child’s login details
  3. Your child’s homepage will appear.

Reading a book online:

We allocate books to your child according to their reading levels. These books will appear in the ‘My Stuff’ area of their personal homepages.

Throughout the books there are quiz questions for your child to complete. To answer a question, just click on the bug icon. Your child does not need to finish all the quiz questions in one sitting and can come back to the book later.

When your child has finished all the quiz questions in a book, your child will earn ‘ActiveLearn Coins’. By reading more books, your child will earn enough coins to ‘buy’ a reward in one of the many reward schemes.

The answers to the quiz questions will be sent back to our teacher site so that we can see how your child is progressing. We will also be able to assign more books for your child to read if the virtual book bag is running low.

When your child has finished a book, it will move to ‘My Library’. Children can read these books again if they want to, or they can choose new books from ‘My Stuff’.

Reading Plus

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Children in Key Stage Two take part in weekly Reading Plus sessions. Reading Plus is an interactive program that helps to develop fluency and comprehension. All children have an account which they can access both in class and at home. The interactivity, the incentive to earn rewards and certificated and the range of books available to explore makes Reading Plus one of many great motivational tools which encourage readers at Beaver Road.

Reading Plus can be accessed via the website: Reading Plus® Login 

Children will be given a username, password and site code from class teachers. 


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Oxford Owl

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The Oxford Owl eBook Library contains a wide selection of books from across Oxford’s most popular series. The books are carefully levelled and progress in reading difficulty from those appropriate for Reception right through to those suitable for Year 6. The exact number of books and range of levels your child has access to will depend on the subscription that their school has bought. 

How does my child access the eBook Library?

  1. Go to
  2. Click on the ‘Log in’ link (top right) to open the login form.
  3. Make sure the 'Students' tab is highlighted. Type in the class name and password that your child’s teacher has given your child, and click ‘Login’.oxford.png


Student Login