English as an Additional Language

At Beaver Road we believe and promote that multilingualism is an asset. 372721-PBYP58-782.jpg

We celebrate the languages and cultures within our community, alongside supporting children and their families to learn English. We have ESOL classes for parents that run in partnership with Manchester Adult Education Service. 

During a recent subject enquiry afternoon, pupils who have English as an Additional Language came together to celebrate and support each other. They discovered and researched why multilingualism is a superpower. Pupil voice from this included:

  • Amazement and pride to learn the benefits of being multilingual
  • Pride in their home language, country and culture
  • An idea to organise a family led languages festival 
  • Start to use other languages for greeting in assembly and throughout the week
  • More visibility across school or their languages and flags represented 

Here are some of their creations:

Multiligualism posters.png



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