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Volunteering at school is a rewarding experience which benefits the whole school community. Volunteers bring a range of skills and experience that can enhance the learning opportunities of pupils and are encouraged and warmly welcomed at Beaver Road.

The work carried out by volunteers could come in the form of helping in the classroom, during an after school club, at a fundraising event or on an educational visit. 

Volunteers may help with, but are not limited to, any of the following activities:

  • Listening to children read
  • Supporting individual pupils
  • Supporting the teacher in class
  • Accompanying educational visits 
  • Telling the children stories or reading to them
  • Supporting groups of children in all curriculum areas

For the safety of all children, all volunteers will be subject to an Enhanced DBS Clearance.

Volunteering Procedure 

Before being accepted as a student/volunteer at Beaver Road Primary School, you will be required to:

  • Complete and sign the following forms found below:
    • Volunteer Application Form* - completed application forms emailed to [email protected] 
    • Volunteer Code of Conduct & Confidentiality Agreement
  • Subject to being accepted on our volunteer program, a meeting will be arranged with a volunteer coordinator where you will complete our Volunteer Induction Checklist. This will include an application for an Enhanced DBS Check and subsequent completion of Safeguarding training modules. 
  • All volunteers will be supported by being given access to our Volunteer Handbook detailing school procedures and allocated a designated member of staff who you will work with closely. 

*We will aim to respond to any volunteering enquiries in a timely manner with a maximum review period of 6 weeks. 

Short Term Volunteering Procedure for Educational Visits

If you would like to volunteer to assist with an educational visit, please make arrangements to do so in liaison with the class teacher. We appreciate your help on educational visits - it would be difficult to organise visits outside school without volunteers.

The procedures set out below provide guidance for assisting during educational visits:

  • Parents/Carers may not always have their own child in their group
  • The teacher will give parent helpers a list of children for whom they are responsible
  • All children are told they must stay with their group and the group adult at all times
  • If the trip involves a coach journey, please help the children in your group put on and fit their seatbelts. Children are not allowed to eat or drink on the coaches. The class teacher has sick bucket/bags if needed
  • The class teacher is responsible for ALL First Aid and medication
  • The class teacher leads the rules, routines and expectations for the day. Please help the teacher by ensuring your group follows all instructions, e.g. when to eat and drink
  • If there is a medical or other emergency, let the class teacher know immediately. The class teacher is responsible for contacting the school and associated parents in emergency situations
  • If you need to leave your group for any reason, e.g. to take a child to the toilet, please ensure you are with another adult and inform the class teacher

Parent volunteers are asked to keep the same degree of confidentiality as in school. If you have any queries or problems concerning the trip, please direct these in the first instance to the class teacher or, if you would rather, a member of the Leadership Team on return from the trip.

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