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We are pleased to announce the arrival of 5 magical cratures to the Beaver Road School Community. From mythical lands far and wide, these creatures have travelled by land and sea and with them, they have brought 5 special qualities: Resilience, Collaboration, Creativity, Fairness and Kindness.

The House project has been in development at Beaver Road since Summer 2021, with children leading the way in all aspects of the initiative. From the onset, children have contributed ideas for how the Houses would look from choosing mythical creatures and designing shields to selecting qualities, goals and articles their Houses would represent. Beaver Road Houses have been made for the children, by the children.

Launched in November 2021, the school Houses have since played an integral part of life at Beaver Road and showcase our sense of belonging and community. Children are rewarded for their positive contributions to school life with House Points, which are collated at the end of each week in our celebration assemblies. The House Points tubes trickle upwards as the weeks progress and at the end of each term, one special House is awarded the prestigious House Cup.

Winning the House Cup is a high honour for all House members and doing so is a driving force of motivation for children to achieve, learn, play and work together in harmony.


Our Houses:














Real.PNG*House Badge: All children are given their first badge free of charge. Additional badges can be purchased from the School Office for the cost of £2.00. Please note, children are only able to buy their allocated house badge. 

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