One of the many things we love about Beaver Road is its history. There has been a primary school on the First School site since the early 1900s. If we assume the average annual intake at Beaver Road over the past century was 500 pupils, then over 50,000 pupils have been educated on this site.

Over the decades, photos from Beaver Road’s past have been donated and stored in Our School Library. We have examples of pupil’s workbooks, school reports, admissions books and a few dreaded behaviour books (ouch).

Since our school website has many visits from old “Beaver Roaders” from across the globe, we thought it was time we shared some of our artefacts online. Unfortunately many of these photos contain many nameless faces and no clearly defined year they were taken. However, there may be some photos here they may stir some memories of our school, hopefully happy ones.

If you have any photos of the school from its past and wish to share them, please do not hesitate to contact our admin team. They would be a welcomed addition.

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